Too Much of a Good Thing?

Is there such a thing as too much exercise? You betcha! If you over-workout, you can really begin to deplete your body’s resources and start to have adverse affects. So, how do you know how much is too much of a good thing? First, keep an awareness to how you feel. If you dry out (including menses) and get lots of colds or feel like you are getting one – you are working out too much or too intensely!

Besides that, know your body type and take cues from that knowledge.

If you are primarily a KAPHA body type, boot camp and running and power yoga are great for you!

Some elements to look for in deciding if you are a Kapha person are that you have: a heavy or stocky build; broad shoulders or hips; losing weight is a challenge; you bulk up very well; your speech tends to be slower; you have large joints and these joints are not pronounced. Other features of a good Kapha body type are: a wide nose, thick lips, big lustrous eyes and you tend toward roundness. You can barely look at a cake without gaining weight but on the upside, you rarely get sick and you can work hard.

Working out for the Kapha person is the ONLY real ticket to losing weight! Yes, eat well but in the end, that won’t do the trick. You simply need to move! Enjoy that. I wish I was primarily Kaphic because I want to workout all the time, but I get run down and depleted if I do.

If you are primarily a PITTA body type, regular moderate exercise like hiking and swimming and moderate yoga practices are for you!

Some elements to look for in deciding if you are a Pitta person are that you have: a moderate build and are of moderate height: you build nice defined muscles but they are not large; your joints are visible but not protuded; your hair is probably straight, gray, or gone; your eyes are almond shaped and your skin tone has some pink or redness in it. Your nature is competitive so be careful! A Pitta person will be the one in the room watching other people and either expressly or internally be competing with them. Focus on activities that encourage a sense of play and lightheartedness.

DIET is the key to weight loss, health and a calm personal disposition for the Pitta person. Eating cooling foods in a calm environment and avoiding things like coffee, tea, alcohol and hot spices is essential. Being in nature as much as possible is, of course, good for everyone. but, for the Pitta person, it is necessary. Exercise for you is not so much for weight loss as it is for emotional balancing.

If you are primarily a VATA body type, light exercise is your ticket to well-being! Walking, leisure bike rides, gentle yoga and tai chi are for you!

Some elements to look for in deciding if you are a Vata person are that you have: a slight build, have trouble gaining weight and building muscle. Your eyes are small, your lips are thin. You struggle with being dry and you have irregular features (like a crooked nose). You find it hard to sit still and seek movement but you must be careful to avoid over-exertion in work or play. Your joints are prominent and you tend to be very tall or very short (Kaphas can also be very tall or very short but with a larger frame). It is hard for you to keep a regular schedule BUT that is your ticket to health!

For you, have a regular morning ROUTINE and fitness routine is so important. Daily oil massages and drinking lots of water are critical to keep you grounded and to having energy – don’t go looking to coffee for this! As a Vata person you simply will not be able to keep up with your Kapha friend at the gym or in physical labour. Please don’t even try. A lot of Vata people want to run because they enjoy movement but be careful – too much movement can be too much of a good thing and can start depleting you.