Ayurveda and Isagenix

Ayurveda and Isagenix – are they compatible?

Ayurveda generally promotes the use of cooked foods.  Isagenix products use raw foods.  Are these compatible ideas?

If you are unwell, building ojas (vitality) or have low agni (digestive power), Ayurveda would recommend eating cooked foods only.  The cooking of foods begins the digestive process for you, making digestion easier.  Raw foods are not recommended for every body because, for instance, a raw carrot is harder to break down than a cooked one.  Raw foods are recommended for those with high Pitta because their stomach acids are so strong they can digest raw foods.  But those with weak digestion, like Kaphas or those with irregular digestion, like Vatas or those with low agni for any reason are not generally recommended to eat raw foods.

And so, Isagenix products which contain in total 600 plus ingredients and these are cold pressed or cold processed, leaving them raw, in tact and full of all of the phyto-chemicals or active nutrients they naturally hold may seem like a conflict.  BUT, these ingredients are broken down into a powder or liquid form and are therefore easier to digest.   You get the active enzymes of raw foods in a more easily digestible form.  Win-win.

Using Isagenix products or following their specific program, you still can eat cooked foods for non-shake meals.   They have a specific program BUT you can use various products to suit your own particular dosha, health concerns, and personal goals.

I see Ayurveda and Isagenix as being very compatible. The Isagenix Greens drink is perfect for Kaphas and Pittas (although who doesn’t need more Greens!).  Their Fruits drink is perfect for Pittas or anyone in the summer months.   Meal replacement shakes combining proteins and carbs have been amazing for me.  As a Pitta I find the shake ideal for a stomach calming lunch, raw and yet filling.  I always carry a shake with me just in case I need to eat NOW!  As a Kapha I find their pure protein ideal after working out – the increased protein is good for those susceptible to diabetes, as Kaphas can be.  For my Vata friends, the whole package is great because they give you a schedule, its easy to use, and you will get all the nutrients you need in case you miss a meal or two and the whey protein shakes and Ionix are very calming.

There is more that can be said.  For instance, many of the herbs used is Ionix Supreme and other products are the same ones used in Ayurveda.  Timing of the products can be shifted to suit lifestyle and dosha requirements and all the while filling the body with nutrients that you would have to eat tons of food to get – again a win-win.  And, you certainly do not have to follow the program to benefit!

For more on Ayurveda and on Isagenix please see my web pages titled the same.  You can incorporate the two and I can give you ideas on how to do that.  Or, you can enjoy Ayurveda and Isagenix separate from one another even though ultimately all things are Ayurveda…but, that is another topic altogether!