Junk Food “Treats”

Today I got some fries for a “treat”.   Eating fried foods of any kind really does not sit well with me and I got to thinking how strange it is that we (I) often  “treat” ourselves with junk.

How did we ever get to think that a reward, for example, for eating all our broccoli is some kind of sugar laden dessert?  Or, that eating well all week should be “rewarded” with a cheat meal which usually means something low in nutrition.  Its still that same mindset of the reward being some kind of non-nourishing food.   Some kind of junk food.

My husband and I got to talking about it.  Why would a treat be something usually on the side of pure garbage?  Why wouldn’t we eat well all week and our ‘treat meal’ be a very expensive nutritious dinner out vs. a crappy cheap plate of fries!

Junk foods, fried foods, sweets…what does it say about how you feel about yourself when you think you deserve garbage?  I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately.

I have at least one freshly made veggie juice most days.  For me, what is becoming a ‘treat’ is having a few of these each week that are totally organic.  So, I can see my thinking is changing.

Perhaps broccoli is its own reward 🙂