Heavy Foods

Heavy Foods are foods that literally are heavy.  Hot oatmeal, meats, breads, most stews and creamed soups. Good or bad?  Neither, it depends on the person, the time of year and to some extent, even the time of life you are in. Heavy is useful when you are trying to balance “too light”.  Both Vata […]

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Hot or Cold Water?

Ayurveda is about balancing with opposites.  If you are usually hot, you would balance with cool (not just about temperature) foods and drinks.  If you are cold all the time, you would balance with heating (not just about temperature) foods and drinks. That sounds very practical and perhaps a bit obvious but you’d be surprised

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Ayurveda for your Pets

Maybe I’m crazy but, I don’t think so! When I look at dogs I can’t help but assess their Ayurvedic constitutional type. You can do this with other animals too! I focus on dogs because I have one…a goldendoodle. So, let’s look at her as an example. She is average sized. Her golden leans to

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“Changed Back to”

Just about a month ago now, my dog and her friend ran full speed into the side of my leg, fracturing my knee in a couple of places and compressing my shin bone.  Although painful I know it will heal and with modifications I will be able to resume my normal life in a few months.

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Too Much of a Good Thing?

Is there such a thing as too much exercise? You betcha! If you over-workout, you can really begin to deplete your body’s resources and start to have adverse affects. So, how do you know how much is too much of a good thing? First, keep an awareness to how you feel. If you dry out

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Morning Routines

Whether we sit down and really think about it, or not, most of us tend toward having a regular morning routine.  These routines can be so helpful for us to start our day off right.  Now, sometimes these routines are not as helpful as they could be.  Consider yours.  Maybe write out what you normally

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Ayurveda and Isagenix

Ayurveda and Isagenix – are they compatible? Ayurveda generally promotes the use of cooked foods.  Isagenix products use raw foods.  Are these compatible ideas? If you are unwell, building ojas (vitality) or have low agni (digestive power), Ayurveda would recommend eating cooked foods only.  The cooking of foods begins the digestive process for you, making digestion

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